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Are you interested in becoming a netball umpire? Goodna Netball Association hold Umpire Clinics each year to get you started on your journey to becoming a badged Umpire.

Umpiring is not only about enforcing the rule of the game. It is an integral part of the netball community.  Umpires help to keep the game safe, fair and fun for everyone. Umpiring also helps you develop personal skills like communication, resilience and leadership.


To register your interest in Umpiring at GNA, click here and our Umpiring Convener will be in touch soon. 


The Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation System is an educational pathway based on Netball Australia Umpiring Courses (Foundation and Elite), ongoing professional development and practical umpiring instruction through an experienced umpire coach system.

Foundation Umpire Course

The Foundation Umpire Course is one of the pre-requisites for obtaining a National C Badge and  participating in the Elite Umpire Course.  Coaches and players are also encouraged to complete the course to further support their understanding of the game. Successful completion of the course provides you with one of the required pre-requisites for a National C Badge.  

Elite Umpire Course

The Elite Umpire Course is for those umpires looking at refining their skills in a high performance  environment. It has been designed to further develop umpiring skills, techniques, and increase  understanding of the procedures and protocols of a higher level of umpiring.  The Elite Umpire Course is a pre-requisite for obtaining a National A Badge.  To find a Elite Umpire Course in your local area, contact your local Member Organisation.

Rules of Netball Theory Examination

The Rules of Netball Theory Examination tests the basic rules of the game.  It is an online examination that is accessible all year. A certificate is generated for all candidates who achieve a pass (70% or above). The most recent examination mark is the current result and Pass marks are valid for 4 years.  It is highly recommended that prior to commencing this exam you read a copy of the Rules of Netball (2020).

For more information and for links to start your online courses now, visit Netball Queensland Umpire Resources.


Assessment is based on the Rules of Netball Theory Examination, practical evaluation through an established competency based assessment system, self-reflection and, where possible, video analysis.

The culmination of this accreditation system, leads to practical assessment in a 4-tiered system of badges: C, B, A and the highest national award the AA (All Australia).

It is not essential to proceed sequentially through each badge level.   The only pre-requisite badge level is an A Badge before testing for an AA Badge.

No age restrictions apply to candidates for any badge level.

Candidates may be tested up to twice in any calendar year for the same badge level.

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