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Netball is a team sport requiring all players to play and work as a team

As members of Goodna Netball Association:

Players must commit to:

  • Attending at least 90% of training sessions and games

  • Arriving on time for training and pre-game warm ups with your full water bottle and any required medications, for example Ventolin inhaler.

  • Always bringing an enthusiastic attitude with you

  • Letting your Coach and Team Manager know in advance if you will be absent for any training or game days

  • Advising your Coach or Team Manager know as soon as possible if you are unwell

  • Advising your Coach and the Club of any injuries or ongoing medical conditions and provide updates where needed

  • Listening to your Coach's advice and instructions - it will lead to improved performance and enjoyment of the game

  • Being attentive and training hard

  • Asking questions!  If you are unsure of a game rule or drill, please ask your Coach

  • Abide by the GNA Player Code of Conduct - found here

Parents/Caregivers must commit to:

  • Helping / volunteering where needed.  As we are a volunteer based club, parents should be prepared to help out where needed, such as:

  1. Volunteering time at our Bunnings BBQ Fundraisers​

  2. Volunteering time at our LCNA Club Duty Day - on the BBQ, cake stall and removing post pads at the end of the day

  3. Consider volunteering as a Team Coach, Team Manager or Committee Member

  • Keeping all comments positive at training and game days​

  • No sideline coaching

  • Encouraging all netballers in a positive way.  If you have to shout, make sure it is FOR your player, not AT your player

  • Show sportsmanship for your children by treating all Coaches, Officials and Players of both teams with courtesy and respect - knowing that without them, your children could not participate

  • Abiding by Parents Code of Conduct - found here

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